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GAY BYRNE DEFINITELY covered plenty of topics when he was fronting The Late Late Show.

But we doubt you’ve ever seen a moment from the show look quite like this.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer include: • Fatigue • Pressure or pain in the abdomen, pelvis, back, or legs • A bloated or full feeling in the abdomen or pelvis • Nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation, or diarrhea Ovarian tumors are at risk for spreading to other organs, a process called metastasis.

Ovarian cancer can metastasize in three ways: • Invasion: the tumor grows large enough to invade nearby organs • Shedding: Individual cancer cells break off from the main ovarian tumor and transplant to nearby organs • Spread: Cancer cells travel through the lymphatic system to lymph nodes and other organs in the pelvis, abdomen, and chest.

These GIF-video hybrids spring to life when your cursor is moved across the image, playing the video loop forward or backward depending on which direction you’re dragging the cursor.

Cancer of the ovaries is the leading cause of reproductive cancer death in women, as it is often diagnosed at an advanced stage.Apps that allow for customizable effects on short videos are gaining momentum.Instagram’s Hyperlapse feature lets users create their own short time-lapse video, which can then be embedded like any other Instagram creation.The six second video app Vine continues to be popular, in part for its ability to create complex stop-motion animations or edits with a simple interface.Yoyo, a new online app from Turkish designers Mehmet Ali Sabuncuoğlu and Berkay Yildiz integrates many of these concepts in to one platform.

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The result was an elegant but power-packed platform designed to drive sales and customer happiness by providing a range of tools and services that includes 24/7 chat operators who can handle chat when your team is away; award winning chat software that literally powers call centers, chat integration that runs in parallel with your Facebook, Twitter and Email campaigns and even built-to-spec options to plug into apps and services.

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